Change Timeline


Conservation District Amendment process


  1.  Within 60 days after a complete request for pre-application meetings is submitted, the director shall schedule the first of at least two pre-application meetings. Notice of each meeting shall be given at least 10 days before the pre-application meeting to all property owners within the proposed CD or within an established CD.
  2.  Pre-application meetings are intended to inform property owners within the eligible area about the process and to discuss and establish a list (general categories) of development and architectural standards the neighborhood is interesting in regulating (in the case of a new CD), amending, or adding to the established CD. 
  3. Within 14 days after the last pre-application meeting, the department shall provide the designated neighborhood committee member with the original petition forms 
  4. The neighborhood committee then obtains the signatures of property owners in support. The timeframe for the committee to obtain signatures and submit an application to establish a CD or application to amend regulations that affect an entire established CD are as follows:  For a proposed or established CD with 201 to 500 lots, like ours, the signatures on the original petition forms must be dated within 15 months following the date the original petition forms are provided to the designated neighborhood committee member.
  5.  Post- application meetings where the neighborhood discussed the details of the items proposed for amendment. 

Download The City of Dallas CD Amendment Process