Facts About Craftsman Style Homes




Quick Facts:


1.  There are 432 properties listed in the Belmont Addition Conservation District (BACD). 431 were used for this analysis (Fire Station excluded)


2. While  Craftsman style homes still make about half of the homes in BACD (51%), they have decreased by 21% since 2004. Prairie homes have become the most common replacement with a 360% increase since 2004


3. 21% of homes built between 1910-1929 that existed in 2004 have been torn down


4. Prairie style homes have seen the largest increase since 2004 across all five streets in BACD ranging to 220% to 1500% since 2004.


5. Duplex and Multi Family dwelling structures combined have decreased by 44% since 2004 as the neighborhood shifts more towards single family

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