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Petitions are here!

The City of Dallas drafted petition has been received, sorted, and verified. Neighborhood committee members and other volunteers have begun the process of obtaining signatures. Please expect a friendly visit from a neighbor in the upcoming months. This City process allows 15 months to collect the necessary signatures.

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About Us



The conservation district was formed to preserve the architectural style of the houses in our neighborhood and to protect and enhance the area's significant cultural attributes. 

At the time of its inception, our neighborhood was comprised of 65% Craftsman style homes. 

At the time, this area contained one of the largest collections of Craftsman style homes in the country.

Our Purpose


Much has changed since the B.A.C.D. was adopted in March 2004. Many of the regulations have had unintended consequences. 

Our goal is to improve the language in the ordinance, ensure that it is being interpreted as it was originally intended and update the restrictions that no longer fit the needs of our neighborhood. By removing the limitations that penalize the original homes and contribute to their demise, we hope to help preserve the valuable architectural features and original character of our neighborhood. 

Get Involved


Are you interested in what we're doing?

Do you have specific questions or want to help?            Please let us know! 

We are looking for volunteers to help us make our neighborhood better for everyone. 

We can help you find a way to volunteer that best suits you and we're excited to have you join our effort.